Authorization & Referral Tracking

Surgical Scheduler

Office flow is too often disrupted by patients arriving for not-yet-authorized procedures. A practice is then forced to make a decision that either supports financial integrity or puts the patient’s healthcare first. No practice should have to make that decision. Un-billable encounters from patients lacking authorizations or referrals are simply unacceptable, but it is not always the practice’s fault.

CosmetiSuite has a built-in component that prevents practices from taking the risk of having to make such a moral decision: Authorization / Referral Tracking. This feature automatically reminds staff to check and/or obtain necessary authorization before a patient encounter. It’s even smart enough to auto-request authorizations before the patient ever gets to the office.

Integrated with the Letter Writer module, Authorization / Referral Tracking generates, administers and tracks the entire authorization process. IMS can be set up to handle how patient flow is handle if Authorization is still pending and streamline the communication process between physician and the office staff when authorization is required for certain procedures.

8 Key features and benefits:

  • Parameters can be set to define how CosmetiSuite handles patients who have not received Prior Authorization:
    Maintain YOUR unique office flow and set only the reminders that YOU want.
  • Track all Authorization:
    Get a quick overview of all authorization status submitted in the Scheduler, Check In / Check Out, as well as Authorization / Referral Tracking screen.
  • Easy follow-up for pending authorizations:
    Users get reminded to follow-up on those easy-to-forget authorization requests that go unanswered past the normal period— nothing falls through the cracks and your practice stays on top of its responsibilities.
  • No loose-leaf paper authorizations to misplace:
    Once received, authorizations are stored in the system for easy reference and are automatically referenced to bill for the corresponding visit.
  • Immediate solutions for those patients that get through:
    Physicians can print or fax requests with specific documentations to insurance companies or referral physician instantaneously from within CosmetiSuite.
  • Authorization tracking:
    CosmetiSuite automatically keeps track of used authorizations and reminds users if further authorization is needed.
  • Central digital file cabinet:
    Front office and billers have easy access to pertinent information from one central location anywhere, anytime.
  • No paper-based messes, mishaps, or mistakes:
    Reduce your office’s reliance on easily misplaced paper and sticky notes — no more misfiled information.

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