Money-Back Guarantee

CosmetiSuite is confident that we’ll meet the standards. So confident, we guarantee it.That’s right we stand behind our solutions to meet the certification criteria so you don’t have to delay your EHR purchase.

  • CosmetiSuite Intelligent Medical Software is Guaranteed to meet "Meaningful Use" requirements as well as the ARRA (Stimulus) Certification standards as defined by CMS
  • Our software will allow you to demonstrate meaningful use if used properly and as instructed through the training, implementation and go-live process
  • Or your Money Back. Don’t wait, start now so you can earn every incentive dollar.

Terms and Conditions

“The Software is and will stay interoperable”

means that we will use our best efforts to keep a general-released version of the Software in compliance with the Ambulatory Electronic Health Records interoperability standards set forth in the CCHIT Certification program or such other CMS-sanctioned, national interoperability standard applicable to Ambulatory EHRs. Should we fail to use our best efforts to keep a general released version of the Software in compliance with such applicable national interoperability standard for Ambulatory EHRs then You can terminate the Agreement and obtain a refund of the CosmetiSuite Software license fees paid by You provided: (i) You send us a written request for same, (ii) we fail to take such reasonable steps to correct such failure within sixty days from receipt of your written request and (iii) you return all Software purchased from Company.

“The Software will continue to meet established requirements to participate in federal health incentive programs”

means that through our Software Maintenance Services we are, and will continue to be, diligent in providing features that enable the Software to capture and report clinical data in support of the efforts that You make to participate in federal pay-for-performance and “pay for meaningful use” incentive programs.

CosmetiSuite's obligations apply only to the standard code, screens and workflow of the then-most current version of CosmetiSuite's software products and Customer being current on support services, complying with the CosmetiSuite service policy and, if CosmetiSuite so requires, installing software fixes, patches or updates or migrating to a new or different CosmetiSuite software offering and materially complying with agreed upon project timelines, staffing and scope.

All capitalized terms have the meanings ascribed to them in your CosmetiSuite Software License and Services Agreement.

Awards & Certifications